Hot water vaporizer

PURGIT hot water vaporizer

PURGIT vaporizer for anhydrous ammonia, carbon dioxide and other cryogenic liquids including liquid nitrogen, butane, propane and ethylene. We have 2 hot water vaporizers each with these capacities: 3,150#/hr of CO2, 1,180/hr NH3 or 46,100 cuft/hr N2. The heater is propane fired. We also have a steam ammonia vaporizer that is compatible with classified areas. And we have 2 aluminum fin-fan vaporizers that can be used in classified areas.

Vaporizer uses:

  1. Charging up /conditioning anhydrous ammonia storage tanks.
  2. Inerting tanks with gases like N2, CO2, etc

Tanks are inerted (filled with inert gas) to remove or reduce oxygen or another gas. Inert gas is very dry and therefore moisture is reduced when the tank gases are replaced. It is possible to make repairs to tanks that contain flammable gases by inerting the tanks so as to reduce the oxygen level to a point that the mixture will not burn (or explode). The reason to use an inert gas vaporizer is that it is a very good way to provide a large quantity of high quality inert gas in a short period of time.

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