PURGIT High Capacity Vapor Recovery Units

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PURGIT designs and builds sophisticated refrigerated vapor recovery skids for displaced vapors in cargo loading applications.

Simple Process Flow, C-2-C
Simple Process Flow, C-2-C

As every loading application is different, PURGIT’s skid mounted units are always custom designed and professionally engineered to address the facility’s needs and to meet or exceed state regulations. PURGIT uses a proprietary system that condenses and recovers tank vapors rather than burning them. This system draws the vapors out of the tank with a blower and then pushes them through a series of condensers. The VOC vapors are condensed back to their liquid phase and transferred to a holding tank or inserted right back into the cargo fill line. Depending on the application PURGIT’s condensers are capable of recovering over 99% of the VOC vapor.  With few moving parts and stainless steel construction, these units are designed to operate for many years with minimal service.  Install a PURGIT – VRU on your dock or in your tank farm and realize the most cost efficient vapor control device on the market. The PURGIT system is efficient, clean, and effective.  PURGIT has been de-gassing tanks for years and has dealt with many different products.  The system excels with chlorinated compounds like ethylene dichloride and dichloropropene as well as with typical hydrocarbons like gasoline and naptha.  The vapor flow rate, instrumentation, etc. is designed to meet the customers’ application.

We have recovered over a million pounds of VOC. We put the clean recovered VOC in totes and tanks for recycling.