Harry Hilliard 1882-1958

Harry Hilliard b 1882 London England d 1958 Houston TX

Known in Houston TX as Mr H, born in London. In London he worked for Lloyds of London Insurance Agents. At some point he moved to New York, NY and then to Houston TX working for Adams and Porter Insurance Agents. His specialty was writing marine insurance policies to cover cotton cargoes (and likely other things) departing the Port of Houston, USA. I recently found some of the Lloyds policies that are really interesting. He seemed to have taken interest in a couple of vessels – SS Gulf of Mexico and SS America. I am not sure why, but he kept copies of the Lloyds policies.

Mr H went back to England and enlisted in the London Regiment of the Scottish Brigade and served in WWI. He lost his right eye as a result of shrapnel injury from a German 5.9 artillery shell. He married Susan Townsend (Mrs H) and returned to the USA to continue as an agent with Adams & Porter Insurance. He lived with his wife in Houston until he passed away from heart attack. I believe his father was August Hilliard who was a ship captain and laid underwater communication cables. No idea before that. Mrs H’s family home was The Trumpet, Mainstone Farm House near Ledbury, Hereford, England. Her family may have owned or they ran the Trumpet Inn, near Ledbury UK until sometime in the mid 1960’s. Mrs H was a founding member of the Houston Garden Club. I believe they were originally members of Trinity Episcopal Church when they lived on Caroline St. After moving to Del Monte Drive, Bishop Quinn asked Mr H to start a new parish. They were founding members of St John the Divine Episcopal Church, Houston TX.