Carbon Zero – Emission Credits

PURGIT has 2 methods of vapor control – Condensing and Flaring

Condensing and Flaring are opposites. Condensing involves chilling the tank gas to the point at which it condenses to a liquid that is recovered and can be recycled. Our condensing system has no flame. Flaring is burning tank gas in a thermal device with a flame.

Condensing system that is the best technology for carbon zero tank gas control and recovery. PURGIT condensers make zero pollution possible for tank emission control and tank gas flaring is obsolete in many cases.

Our condenser skid chills condensable VOC gas back to liquid by refrigeration. Our single system has recovered over 1,750,000 pounds of VOC. That would translate to capturing many millions of pounds of carbon if it were burned. Imagine how much we could recover if it was scaled up. No other pollution control device is comparable.

Condensers can control and recover many hydrocarbons like gasoline, benzene as well as compounds like ethylene dichloride, perchloroethylene, chloroform, etc. Flares burn those chemicals making huge amounts of pollution.  But not condensers. Condensers seamlessly strip and recover the VOC from tank vapors. PURGIT condensers can strip the VOC out of tank vapors even if they are in an inert gas background, without adding air. We may be able to degas your tank without opening the tank. Call for details.

Best of all, the recovered condensate may be recycled. Carbon credits may be available.

If you are interested in effective tank degassing, carbon capture or just emission credits call Hilliard Emission Controls, Inc.  713-621-3132. We have a proven system with a track record.

PURGIT condenser
VOC condenser dockside and accepted by the USCG for marine vapor control.