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Zero Pollution – VOC recovery

Recovered EDC PURGIT has recovered 876 tons of VOC. 876 tons is nice, but what makes us different is that the 876 tons were available for recycling. In other words we recovered that VOC. We did not burn it as others do. Our control process takes the vapor VOC out of the storage tank as [...] Read More

Ammonia gas flare service

PURGIT has gas flares specifically designed for ammonia.  They are trailer mounted for fast delivery along with assist gas, vapor hose, etc. These flares can be used for emergency pressure control on liquid ammonia tanks and for tank vapor control during cleaning and degassing. Call Townsend Hilliard – 713-201-7517  or Hank Hilliard 713-828-7247 for immediate […]

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Recovering VOC gas by condensing

The PURGIT refrigerated vapor recovery unit has condensed and recovered hundreds of tons of VOC and we continue to control and recover waste vapor. In most cases the condensate can be returned for recycling – either to the manufacturing plant or back to an adjoining tank of the same contents. Or it could be sold […]

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