Recent Degassing Jobs

PURGIT has recovered hundreds of tons of tank vapor. Our process takes tank vapor and recovers it by condensing the vapor to liquid that can be recycled or sold. PURGIT does not waste valuable natural resources. The PURGIT process condenses tank vapor meeting environmental regulations and the recovered condensate is available for recycling. This is the most interesting and sophisticated vapor control device available. It is in the category of Best Available Control Technology, but since we have no emissions and we recycle, it is actually Maximum Available Control Technology.

List of PURGIT degassing jobs

Gasoline tank degassing is a regular event. We often work in Convent LA for a major refinery. Among many tanks that we have completed there, the most recent tank was completed in just 1 day on a 130′ diameter tank. They got their gasoline back and they did not have any emissions to report.

PURGIT condensed and recovered over 200 bbl of 1,3 butadiene from a very large (100,100 bbl) storage tank in Houston TX. As PURGIT recovered the 1,3 butadiene condensate there were no measurable emissions from our equipment. Condensing is environmentally preferable because it does not rely on an exhaust stack. Our process is singular in the industry in that we circulate the tank vapors recovering as we go. The condensate that we recovered was tested for purity and then transferred to an adjoining storage tank.

We condensed a benzene/toluene/xylene (btx) tank at a Mount Belview TX facility. The tank was 150′ diameter and in the course of the job we recovered over 13,000 gallons of benzene condensate without releasing any benzene to personnel or to the environment.

Another job among many similar jobs: We degassed a 20,000 bbl tank of butyl acrylate to under 1,000 ppmv in about 7 hours. And others: We degassed a 10,000 bbl tank of chloroform in 6 hours and a 150′ dia IFR shore tank in 7 hours and on a tank that is 100,000bbl capacity we recovered 4,959 gallons of natural gasoline.

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