Butadiene and other pressurized cargoes

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Controlled vapors from this tank 3/2012 On a recent job PURGIT degassed a very large – 100,100 bbl. – butadiene storage tank.  We recovered over 200 bbl of butadiene on this job. The butadiene was tested for purity and then put into an adjoining storage tank. Our proprietary condensing process needs no oxygen so we did not open the tank up during the vapor control. PURGIT condensers become a part of the tank. PURGIT condensers can handle 10 psi with no emissions.

PURGIT has also controlled vapors from isoprene, butane and other cargoes. The vapors are condensed back to liquid. The liquid condensate is transferred to holding tanks.

PURGIT is the exclusive manufacturer and operator of mobile condensing equipment. PURGIT operates out of its home office in Houston TX and can be contacted at telephone number: 713-201-7517.