Company History & Background

Vapor control since 1995

PURGIT is a manufacturer of vapor control equipment (flare systems and Refrigerated Vapor Recovery Units) and we are a service provider for tank degassing. PURGIT maintains a fleet of mobile equipment to control vapors and gas emissions on a service basis. We work on storage tanks, pipelines, and tank barges as well as other industry sectors.

PURGIT offers a superior, unique alternative to combustion based vapor control. It is called the PURGIT RVRU condensing system. This method is a significant departure from combustion including the safety and pollution issues associated with combustion. Our condensers make no pollution and have no unprotected source of ignition.

RVRU Storage Tank Degassing Footprint

RVRU Storage Tank Degassing Footprint

The RVRU method is the most advanced in the tank degassing industry. Our condensing system collects and removes VOC – it can actually degas a tank without ever opening up the tank. Vapors are circulated from the tank to the condenser back to the tank. The operational and environmental benefits are significant. It is the safest system for classified areas because there is no combustion. Our condensers make zero pollution. The gases are condensed back to liquid that is recycled or reused. There is no burning flame with exhaust stack.

Never before in the history of tank cleaning was it possible to quantify the amount of VOC in the vapor space of a storage tank. But now it is easy with the PURGIT system. Every time we degas a tank the collected condensate is recovered and measured. Even in tanks blanketed with nitrogen gas.

PURGIT moves in to your site with specialized equipment to do the job quickly and thoroughly. It is easy to verify that there are no emissions and that we meet air emission rules. Our equipment is easy to set up and connect to the tank through the manway or nozzles on the tank. Instead of burning the tank vapors, we condense them back to liquid.

Condensing is safer because there is no combustion and no unprotected source of ignition. It is environmentally correct because it does not make any CO2, NOx or CO. It does not require an exhaust stack. It controls chlorinated solvents without scrubbing and does not make pollution or hazardous waste as a by-product. Finally, it does not need oxygen, so it works in tanks with nitrogen blankets.

Our system makes the tank vapor uniform. There are no surprise releases when the tank is opened. Our closed vent system returns the non-condensable vapors back to the tank continuously. That is significant because it stirs the vapors in the tank eliminating stagnant vapor clouds. This mixing makes the cargo on the floor evaporate faster and it makes the vapors homogeneous for testing. No thermal oxidizer can do that.

The PURGIT system was developed by Hank Hilliard who has been in the tank cleaning and degassing business since 1972. No one in Houston (the world capital for tank degassing and cleaning) has been in the business longer or cleaned more tanks. Between 1972 and 1993 he managed the barge cleaning dock at Southwestern Barge Shipyard in Channelview TX. That facility degassed thousands and thousands of tank barges and pioneered some important vapor control techniques. For instance Hilliard installed the first vapor flare for LP tank barges in Houston and the first vapor flare for tank barge degassing in any shipyard. In 1992 he left the shipyard and started PURGIT to provide vapor control as a service. Hilliard started out trying to use industry standard equipment like thermal oxidizers and IC engines but found too many drawbacks associated with those devices, instead he developed the PURGIT Refrigerated Vapor Recovery Unit. Our condensers degas tanks to the required specification without opening the tanks and making no pollution. That is an unparalleled achievement.

PURGIT continues to research and develop vapor control.